Instagram: Princess Olympia of Greece shares her birthday celebrations with fans – TomoNews

Instagram: Princess Olympia of Greece shares her birthday celebrations with fans – TomoNews

MYKONOS, GREECE — Princess Olympia of Greece, one of our favorite royal ‘it’ girls, turned 20 years old on Monday. While most of us probably just celebrate our birth-days, the princess took it up a notch by kicking off with a birthday week.

The royal family celebrated the princess’ birthday with a luxurious trip to Mykonos, which included this fabulous party at the trendiest beach club on the island.

The princess studies photography at Parsons School of Design in New York. She is the only daughter of Pavlos and Marie-Chantal, the Crown Prince and Princess of Greece. The Crown Prince was the heir apparent to the throne of Greece until the monarchy was abolished in 1973.

The deposed King Constantine II, who lived in London in exile, lost almost all of the family property after the military coup in 1967 and was stripped of Greece citizenship in 1994. The wretched royal couple had to sell silverware and other heirlooms to provide for their children just a decade ago.

It’s good to see these ex-royals have landed on their feet. Moreover, thanks to the 1815 Treaty of Vienna, they get to keep the fancy titles, even though their monarchy doesn’t exist anymore.

Well, given their love-hate-relationship with Greece, guess they don’t really have to care about the ongoing debt crisis, shrinking economy and the country’s unemployment rate, which is as high as 25 percent.

Let the party continue, princess, and love the Valentino dress that you are wearing. Who cares if it is worth more than what an average Greek makes a year.

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